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Buyer’s guide for commercial lighting and balloon lights, understand the three key points of use, luminance and shape at once.

With the development of LED lights and new materials (take a look: 5 Advantages Of Led Lights Technology And Applied to work) in recent years, the design and application of lights gradually breakthrough the framework of traditional lights. Being more than an installation that simply provides light sources, the balloon lights manufactured by Yuang Light can create an interactive lighting exhibition experience with both aesthetics and the sense of story.

Commercial Lighting Installations By Use: Personal Entertainment / Business Applications

Because of its diversified specifications, our commercial lighting installation–balloon light is one of the few lighting equipment that can be used in the entertainment industry, and applied widely in commerce and exhibitions. How to choose balloon lights meeting the requirements to maximize the benefits of products will be a topic of concern to consumers.

Firstly, from the perspective of purpose, the reason why leisure and entertainment oriented consumers usually choose balloon lights for outdoor use is to create a higher three-dimensional level and atmosphere transformation through pure white light or a stable light source with changeable light color.

commercial lighting installations-outdoor performance venue

Considering the limited space, balloon lights with small wattage and good portability are usually the first choice of individual users for the purpose of reproducing the setting of personal space; different balloon lights can usually be connected in series within 100m to achieve a more consistent field.

commercial lighting installations-camping

Finally, for the convenience of small space, the color temperature or color change can be adjusted according to use requirements, such as using the button of the lights for adjustment, or using the mobile App or physical remote control to realize real-time situation adjustment through Bluetooth signal transmission. Users can choose Balloon lights according to personal needs and habits. Portability and multi-function transformation are the key considerations of balloon lights for personal leisure and entertainment.

Commercial/exhibition fields are full of all kinds of social parties, brand image publishing, film shooting sites, or sports occasions, which will use balloon lights for direct/indirect exposure. Therefore, customized specifications meeting the requirements of customers are absolutely the first concern. According to test experience, balloon lights with relatively large wattage (960-1500w) are usually used in commercial and exhibition sites for exposure.

The features of this kind of customized balloon lights with large wattage usually include:

  1. RGBW omni-directional lighting effect.
  2. The insertion installation is usually suspended from the ceiling or supported by a tripod.
  3. DMX is used for remote light control.
  4. It is more convenient for use with batteries.

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Commercial Lighting Installations By Luminance: Personal Entertainment / Commercial Applications

When using balloon lights in outdoor occasions, luminance is the inevitable key. When we review the product specifications, we need to further confirm the luminance information, and the measurement standard of this data is significant to determine whether the luminance can be used as a reference.

LED flux: the unit is lumen, i.e. lm. It indicates the amount of light emitted by a light source in unit time. The higher the flux of the light source, the more light is emitted. In other words, flux is the light energy that can be seen by your eyes. The higher the number, the brighter the light will be.

Balloon lights with small watt (50W) are usually used for personal entertainment, which are convenient to be carried and adjusted. The 50W compact and efficient balloon lights with batteries can even be remotely controlled to achieve adjustment of the color, tone, saturation and luminance.

commercial lighting installations-outskirts

On the whole, the effect control functions of 50W RGB balloon light is complete with diverse choice. Besides, it is very eye-catching because of the features of water, fire and wind resistance.

We highly recommends this product. As for commercial balloon lights, customized products with large wattage are usually required, which can be customized according to the requirements on appearance, luminance, color temperature, or other aspects.

Japanese graphic designer Norio Nakamura also stated that the selection of Yuang Light 500W, high-efficiency 72,000lm balloon light for ceiling hanging light provided simple lighting with the same tone as the work, and created an active artistic atmosphere for the exhibition area.

We provide customized balloon lights for local parties and export them to France, Tanzania and other places for many years.

commercial lighting installations in tent

Commercial Lighting Installations By Style: Personal Entertainment / Commercial Applications

For personal entertainment, lighting effect will be the first concern, and then the shape adjustment.

Whether for the use in cultural and creative pumpkin balloon lights for personal Halloween parties or the demand for shade design with mascots, the color temperature can be designed to be warm color light (below 3300K), cold white (3300k-5300k), sunlight color (above 5300k) according to the requirements of customers. The IP55 waterproof and fire-resistant modeling shade made by Taiwan is retained, which will become the most eye-catching illuminant in the party.

For commercial balloon lights, Yuang Light once contacted the lighting designers of commercial space living in Switzerland to ask for advice on the interactive balloon lights used in outdoor large-scale festivals.

The shape and appearance were adjusted according to the atmosphere of the art festival, including sad Emoji in cold colors and happy Emoji in warm colors. DMX system was used for color change.

From lighting to the creation of environmental atmosphere, lights provide the possibility and freedom for human activities in the dark. Yuang Light, Brighten Up Your Nigh, the Light of Taiwan, is leading a new chapter of aesthetics from now on.

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