Series of led balloon light towers
Our LED Balloon Lights consist of LED Panel Lights surrounded by a balloon-shaped nylon cover. The cover inflates to its distinctive shape when the light is switched on and the cooling-fans engage. Made of translucent coated nylon, our light covers create glare-free lighting that improves safety and comfort whether used on work sites or for leisure activities.
Our expertly crafted LED Panel Lights feature long life spans and consume significantly less power than traditional lights used for similar applications. Our lights can be mounted on tripods or trolleys and are light, compact and easy to transport and store.
Series of led balloon lights include trolley


Without LED construction Light in the darkWith LED construction Light in the dark


Our glare-free lights are perfect for road works as they are won’t blind for drivers and create ample illumination for workers. Not only do they turn night into day, but they are energy efficient and easily connect to generators. Our lights are quick and easy to install so that workers can get to the job at hand.



When time is of the essence and every second counts, rescue workers can easily transport our lights to where they are needed and assemble then in an instant. Omni directional lighting obliterates all shadows and while diffused light protects eyes. One of our LED Balloon Lights creates more illumination than two traditional lights.



From parties and sporting events to camping trips, our LED Balloon Lights are indispensable for any nighttime outdoor activity.
LED Panel LightIP 65 WaterproofFlame resistant360° Glare-freeInflatableLight-weight tripodUS/EU/AU plugs
Dynamic led balloon lighting tower
10 features of balloon lightung tower
Mobile Lighting Tower
Our ultra bright panel lights emit undiffused, directional light that is essential for construction. They are mobile and exceptionally easy to setup and operate. Their durability and reliability mean they will last on the roughest of sites, and as an added bonus are good for the environment.
Directional LightingIP 65 WaterproofAdjustable AngleDesign for Standard Generators and BatteriesEasy Transportation


The shape of our light covers can be customized, as can the color and structure of our trolleys and tripods.


Our lights can be customized to allow their color to be adjusted across the RGB spectrum or converted to fog lights. In addition, a timer can set how many seconds different color display. Lights can also be customized to a specific color for purposes like emergency or security lights. Dimmers controlled by manual or remote control switches can also be installed.


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