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Construction lighting, secure lighting, sports lighting and stage decorative lighting, large lighting systems are often used in those areas. However, the contactor or the employers might have trouble in setting up those huge lighting equipment if they are actually a bit short-handed at the moment.

On top of that, good lighting at the workplace pays dividends in terms of improved productivity, and a reduction in errors.

Light towers on construction sites are not just for convenience. They can also be a very important safety measure. 

Have you ever thought about poor lighting at work can lead to eye strain, fatigue, headaches, stress and death accidents? The better the lighting, the better the accuracy and precision with your worker can perform their tasks.

CHING YUANG ENTERPRISE CO., LTD.” Aims at customer’s requirements and tries to penetrate the market, establishing “Yuang Light”, Ching Yuang innovates professional outdoor emergency lighting, called “LED balloon lighting tower” 

Just press Two- the toggle switch, the balloon lampshade start to inflate, and the lighting coverage reaches a radius of 40M.

Inclusive nylon cover painted with IP55 rated coating, which can be used in tough weather conditions. The lampshade can actually provide a glare-free lighting and enhance security and comfortability. 

setup tunnel led light tower outdoor camping 50W LED light

Sneak peek at the inside of the lampshade, the lamp consists of panels of 4pcs(minimum) to 12pcs(maximum).  For example, our light tower with 960-watt lamps can illuminate approximately 5778 square meters. we leave the IP65 blower beneath the lamp, ensure the blower exhaust the heat and blow the light cover.

Besides the powerful lighting fixture, the tripod will go to 12ft when you are fully extended.

What’s more, the aluminum tripod firmly holds on places while working on slippery surfaces.

The lamp can be mounted on the trolley with battery or generator operated, which can actually enhance the portability. 

Our LED balloon lighting towers are CE, PSE, ETL, and RCM international certificates listed. With 20 years of trading experience, our distributor channels are located in Australia, Japan, Thailand, etc. Those distributors directly talk to local customers and take good care of after-sales service.

Now, our distributor boarder are expanded to North America and Europe. 

With proper lighting, your site will be safer and more efficient. To make sure you’ve got the best lighting for your construction site, speak with a professional.

LED 氣球燈 / 移動式投射照明

Mini LED Balloon Light
Mini LED Balloon Light
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