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Introduction, technology and common life applications of LED luminaire

LED (light-emitting diode) is a part of luminaire, which is mainly composed of substrate, chip and fluorescent powder. It generates blue light when the current passes through the chip, while general daily lighting requires white light instead of blue light. In order to achieve the required color temperature, phosphor material is used to impact phosphor through blue light to generate white light. With the development of chip and phosphor materials and the promotion of the concept of health lighting, people began to notice the physiological and psychological impact of LED lights. CIE (Commission International De L’Eclairage) pointed out that immature children, and those with cataract and macular lesions should avoid being exposed to blue light energy for a long time. Therefore, the effective use of LED wavelength application and reducing photobiological harm has become the primary topic in the industry.

Fig 1 Healthy lighting with specific wavelength chip and phosphor

Healthy lighting with specific wavelength chip and phosphor

In addition to replacing the general traditional luminaire types, LED luminaire can also be applied to different industries with its variable combined spectral wavelength. The grow light provides the wavelength required by different parts of the plant to stimulate growth and shorten the cultivation time, which realizes the growth of plants even without sunlight and greatly reduces the harvest time.

Fig 2   Application of LED wavelength to plant growth

Application of LED wavelength to plant growth

For fishery application, the phototaxis characteristics of fish species are used. The lamps are designed with different LED wavelengths to achieve the functions of attracting and collecting fish, and the shortcomings of metal halide lamps, such as no directivity, high power consumption and low service life are improved.

Fig 3 LED luminaire with specific wavelength are installed on ocean fishing vessels

LED luminaire with specific wavelength are installed on ocean fishing vessels

For environmental cleaning application, LED bacteriostatic lamps inhibit viruses on the object surface or in the air with UVC wavelength based on the mechanism of destroying the molecular structure of DNA or RNA, which can be used in crowded places, such as hospitals, banks, entrances and exits of stores, elevators and stations.

Fig 4   4” UVC T8

4” UVC T8

What are the strengths of LED luminaire

– Better reliability

The life cycle of LED is 25,000-50,000hr, and that of energy-saving bulb is only 8,000hr and the incandescent bulb is 1,000hr. LED luminaire can greatly reduce the replacement frequency of luminaire and the maintenance cost of office or large buildings and outdoor road lighting.

– Environmental Friendliness

LED for general lighting do not produce ultraviolet (UV) or infrared (IR). Harmful substances such as mercury and sulfur are not used in the production of LED.

– No requirement on preheating time

Traditional mercury lamp or metal halide lamp will take a period of time to heat up to reach the working brightness after it is turned on, while LED luminaire can reach the working brightness right after being powered on.

– Significant energy saving performance

The 120W luminous flux of traditional PAR38 halogen luminaire is about 1,150 lumens, which can be achieved by the only 15W LED luminaire, a reduction of 88% power consumption that cannot be equaled by traditional luminaire.

– Multi variable light output angle

LED luminaire is directional and can be regarded as a point light source. It can meet the luminaire requirements of the application site through the secondary optical lens.

Fig5   LED luminaire applied to stadium lighting with secondary optics

LED luminaire applied to stadium lighting with secondary optics

How LED luminaire is applied to work

Lighting plays a very important role in the workplace. Luminaire is different according to different working environments. Choosing suitable LED luminaire will improve the lighting of the workplace, and work efficiency and safety.

–  High bay light is suitable to be used in industrial premises due to the wide space and floor height of the workplace, where cannot be well lighted by stable natural daylight. High bay lights provide high luminous flux in a large area, which can be used in factories, exhibition centers, gymnasiums and warehouses.

Fig 6   High bay light installed in steel plant

High bay light installed in steel plant

In terms of function options, reflection lampshade can be selected for light angle adjustment, or energy saving with different induction controllers.

Fig 7   High bay light with microwave detection controller

High bay light with microwave detection controller

–  Mobile luminaire

Portable mobile luminaire can be taken to any workplace to provide lighting solutions in a very short time. Users can quickly erect the luminaire device without fixing tools.

Mobile luminaire device with battery is adopted to reduce the cost of erecting cables for providing power equipment. There will be no noise generated during generator operation at nights as additional generator device for power supply is not necessary, which will maintain a low-noise working environment.

Fig8  Mobile luminaire device with battery

Mobile luminaire device with battery

Business solutions

In addition to improving the shortcomings of high power consumption, low luminous efficiency and short service life of traditional luminaire containing environmental hazardous substances such as mercury or silver, LED luminaire provides more customization options.

– Color temperature & color rendering

The color temperature and color rendering of traditional luminaire are limited by their own luminaire source technology with less flexible options. LED luminaire can provide different color temperature and color rendering options through different chip combinations.

– Light options

Users can select or design LED luminaire with suitable light and angle according to the lighting conditions required by different fields to meet the luminaire requirements.

– Intelligent networking control function

Supported by an intelligent wireless controller, users can realize remote setting of the wattage, color temperature and time required for lamps in each area through the platform to improve the use efficiency.

LED 氣球燈 / 移動式投射照明

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Mini LED Balloon Light
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