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When you work at night, all you need is a balloon light able to illuminate panorama. The sufficiently bright light source assures the user can carry on work content with high precision and high quality required. Yuang Light balloon light provides you with the best illumination solution.

Tower lights for each industrial type

Lighting Tower Balloon Light Portable/Padlock Type Light Trolley
Long distance lighting Wide range lighting Close range lighting Equipped with generator and battery, mobileEquipped with generator and battery, mobile
Single Lamp
50W-960W Balloon Light Portable Work Light Robust Illumination
Light Trolley
Long distance illumination Wide range
Short distance/ Small range illumination Carry a generator and battery, can be moved by pushing

The reason for choosing Yuang Light balloon light
As the initial balloon light trader and manufacturer in the Asia region, Yuang Light balloon light has been growing and developing in the industry for more than twenty years. The product is mainly applied in engineering construction, firefighting & industrial safety, aerospace service and roadside assistance, etc. with the actual performance shown.

We understand high efficiency and safety play such critical roles in construction engineering items, in which the on-site illumination shows its utmost importance. In fact, whether a company managing the construction site or an on-site manager responsible for firefighting and industrial safety, they all have an obligation and legal liability to ensure sufficient illumination and guarantee the personnel and other people who could use this equipment won’t have any risk imposed on their health or safety.

Appropriate and sufficient illumination means to make the natural light reach the entire working area or places where lights are unavailable as much possible as it can. However, working at night or working in somewhere with sufficient natural light, artificial illumination must be installed.
With this idea in mind, Yunag Light has been well-prepared for the market. It designs and manufactures the best products. It brings an impressive inspection certificate combined with a skillful technique to you and a greatly cost-saving balloon light (light tower) for your field.

We have a 960W light tower with wide popularity. It provides a guaranteed illumination area of 5200 square meters through 6 x 150W LEDs. Besides, the 4-lamp hybrid light tower with the high-class trolley commonly used for oversea aerospace service is newly available on the market in 2023. It shows high efficiency and high mobility.

Besides illumination for the construction site and emergency lighting etc., our high-quality balloon light (light tower) is a perfect solution to active lighting. From the concept of “with light” to “color-changing light”, we believe the user hopes to have a self-controllable light. Among them, the intelligent Bluetooth RGBW 50W balloon light is the best solution. An RGBW 50W balloon light can have multiple balloon lights in series at the same time to form a network. It can not only reduce cost but also show “hip” RGB color-changing lighting effect, and further creates a romantic atmosphere dedicated to an event venue or a person. Click here for the customized complete list.

Our professional teams are field illumination specialists who can provide the best illumination solution for your field. You just need to call +886222680546 or fill in the Contact Us sheet at the bottom of this page. We are pleased to help you.

If you are still not satisfied, we also provide various portable work lights for sale including the portable lamp, floor lamp, and work light mounted on a tripod. Click here for our full range of temporary lighting luminaries for sale.

LED 氣球燈 / 移動式投射照明

Mini LED Balloon Light
Mini LED Balloon Light
Mobile Lighting Tower Twin