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Looking for Portable Outdoor Construction Lights? Look No Further!

If you’re in need of high-quality portable outdoor construction lights, you’ve come to the right place. Our company is a leading supplier of portable construction lights, offering a wide range of products to meet the unique requirements of our clients. Our lights are made using the latest technology and high-quality materials, ensuring long-lasting performance and durability.

The Benefits of Using Portable Outdoor Construction Lights

Portable outdoor construction lights offer numerous benefits compared to traditional lighting options. They are easy to set up and position, allowing for quick and efficient deployment on the job site. They are also energy-efficient, producing more light per watt of electricity used. This can help reduce energy costs and minimize the environmental impact of your project. In addition, portable construction lights are durable and reliable, withstanding the harsh conditions found on construction sites.

Building Site Lights

The work light and building site light are important equipment for all workers.

Check for the full range of robust and durable work lights including the balloon light tower, 250W/500W outdoor luminary, portable lighting trolley, and work light.

Daytime is getting short while nighttime is getting longer. However, it is not the reason to stop working. The building site light lifts the restriction on time and space and provides a portable and safe light source.

Which is the LED building site light suitable for your application field?

The building site lights have various designs. Whether the tunnel projecting lamp or robust and reliable LED building site balloon light, or the work light with a lithium battery, they all can “outstandingly” back up for your engineering construction.

Adoption of the work light with a rechargeable lithium battery.

If there is no power supply in the construction site, what will happen? Or if there is a power failure? Then, do you have to work without light?

The 30W work light with an electrical wire and LED work light with a rechargeable lithium battery can be used in a tunnel, workshop or small-area temporary illumination field.

In a large-scale construction site, a building site light with an electrical wire in excessive length could hide an annoying tripping concern. Battery Powered Light Tower will be the solution, don’t miss the Yuang Light Lithium Battery Powered Work light!
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Outdoor Construction Lights Operated With An Electrical Wire

Without limitation on the battery life, it is usually the first choice in the construction site with a socket.

Outdoor Construction Lights Supplied By A Portable Battery Or Generator

As night falls, the work cannot but be aborted for short of power supply or power failure. It always depresses people. In such a situation without any power supply, the building site light can continue to function with a generator/portable battery. It can also greatly boost your working efficiency.

How To Identify A Good Building Site Light?

The criterion for purchasing an outdoor construction light and a work light.

In order to find out the most appropriate building site light, you shall pay attention to the following standards:

  • Stability
    The robust and stable eternal covering of an outdoor construction light will be the prerequisite when used on a construction site.
  • Brightness
    Brightness is usually measured in lumen. How much lumen a building site light should have depends on the working purpose.
  • Electrical wire for outdoor use
    An electrical wire for outdoor use must be water-proof and fire-resistant, for example, the HAR standard certified bare copper wire, core wire insulation and rubber protective sleeve. Fire resistance and oil resistance in compliance with IEC 60332-1-2 and EN 60811-404, respective, are applicable to the exterior and construction site.
  • Switching brightness level
    All-optical output for an outdoor construction light is not always necessary. By means of level switching, the user can not only solely adjust the brightness level but also extend the output of the building site light at the same time.
  • IP protection type
    In order to make the work light in a construction site function well, it is suggested to adopt the IP code of IP45 at least. X and Y values are usually marked at the tail of the IP code. The first one, X stands for dust protection rating while the second one, Y stands for liquid protection rating. For some tips about the luminary IP protection rating, we suggest you to check this article>>Are Outdoor Lights Waterproof? Benefits of Waterproof Lighting

Lighting Tower Balloon Light Portable/Padlock Type Light Trolley
building site lights(lighting tower) building site lights(balloon lights) building site lights(portable/padlock type) building site lights(light trolley)
Single Lamp
50W-960W Balloon Light Battery Powered Work Light Robust Illumination
Light Trolley
Directional and long-distance illumination Wide range
Short distance/ Small range illumination Carry a generator and battery, which can be moved by pushing

Speaking of temporary illumination in engineering road construction, rescue & firefighting field and building refurbishment, the balloon light tower and 250W /500W outdoor light are the most common for use.

Building Site Lights-Constrauction repairing industrial heavy duty lighting

The portable balloon light tower consists of a power-saving LED light source, wind turbine and light cover with a special coating applied.

It makes the light source not dazzling and glaring, and provides 360-degree surround illumination. IP55 waterproof is applicable for outdoor use. It complies with the international illumination standard and certification and can be used in the situations like construction work, disaster relief and temporary illumination, etc.

The balloon light tower can be installed either on a tripod or a trolley with the safety device against tilting to easily carry a generator or battery. The portable balloon light tower is the best choice of illumination equipment for the user to save time, effort and power.

The 250W/500W outdoor lighting tower mainly features directional and long-distance illumination. It can adjust the illumination angle anytime for a particular target. The longest distance by straight illumination is 28 meters. In addition to such a long-distance illumination function, this lighting tower also possesses IP55 waterproof protection.

Its robust aluminum casting exterior covering is also with an anti-UV baking varnish applied. Its robustness and durability are very helpful for outdoor use. It can help the worker to respond to the constantly changing environment of outdoor construction work anytime.

Yuang Light movable light trolley can be widely applied in various night operations, such as large-scale construction, rush-repair work, emergency illumination, and commercial photography. It can also provide movable lighting with high-level safety. The movable light trolley can have 2 or 4 lamps installed.

The angle can be adjusted left-only or right-only or left and right laterally. The trolley has equipped with an elevator design, and such human oriented design enables manual lifting or dropping as required. As for the tire of the trolley, it is a large tire made from rubber. It has good wearability and can move on a bumpy road with pits and gravel.

Building Site Lights(the trolleys)

LED Balloon Light System | Mobile Lighting Tower System

Mini LED Balloon Light
Mini LED Balloon Light
Mobile Lighting Tower Twin