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battery powered light tower

A generator plays a very important role in a construction and an activity, especially medium and small-sized generators. Their popularization greatly enhances the availability of outdoor temporary electricity utilization. In some remote areas and somewhere with electrical systems unreachable, use of a small-sized generator can address many issues concerned with the requirement of temporary and emergent electricity utilization. In addition to lifting the restriction on the time and range of a construction activity and boosting engineering efficiency, it also provides safer electricity utilization.

However, such a convenient generator still has room for improvement. First of all, noise generated from an engine will cause not only long-term pressure on personnel but also an obstacle to on-site communication, and implicitly result in danger to public security. The second issue is the exhaust gas emitted by generator operation. The exhaust gases of a diesel generator consist of particulate matter (PM), sulfur oxide (SOX), nitrogen oxide (NOX), hydrocarbon (HC), and other air pollutants. They are unbearable odor and black smoke and, additionally, do harm to human bodies. The above two issues will do harm to the on-site personnel physically and mentally.

In order to ameliorate these issues, the battery powered light tower came out accordingly. A battery powered work light has merits like noise-free and exhaust gas-free, furthermore, the battery is much safer than diesel which makes the work area more secure and the work environment more comfortable and reassuring. Maintenance of a diesel generator is also a cost. In addition to the daily inspection, regular removal of carbon deposit and adjustment of parts like nozzle, etc. is a must as well. If maintenance is not well-performed, generator lifetime could be impaired. Maintenance shall be performed by professional personnel, so the cost is relatively high. Comparatively, a battery product doesn’t have many maintenance activities in general. Except for the basic daily electric quantity check and charging & discharging confirmation, others are done by an electronic control panel for battery lifetime protection. Maintenance personnel doesn’t need specific technical skills, which saves engineering equipment managers much time and effort.

Yuang Light 50W battery powered balloon light with a single light-weight lithium battery can make a 50W light tower operate for 5 hours at least (Maximum brightness).
YUANG LIGHT adopts the PANASONIC Japan battery core and a circuit control board made in Taiwan. Its quality assurance is tested and confirmed continually. It is definitely a high-quality and “made in Taiwan” product. The battery is approximately 1700 grams in weight, and the lamp and tripod are around 3000 grams. The total weight is less than 5 kilograms. It won’t become an overweight burden when being carried. No matter how remote an area is, each corner of the work area can be lit up with just one battery powered light tower. It also brings the utmost security to the user.

Besides the Tiny model, YUANG LIGHT 500W/960W MAXI series can also be used in the way of the battery on a trolley. It can save time for generator maintenance and also boost working efficiency.
The lifetime of the Japan-made battery core used by YUANG LIGHT can sustain around 300 to 500 cycles. The original mechanism and lamp can continue to be used with the battery replaced as its lifetime reaches.

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