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Introducing LED Green Energy Balloon Lights to the Middle East and Turkey

With the gradual opening of the Middle East market, the Ministry of Economic Affairs’ International Trade Bureau and the Taiwan External Trade Development Council collaborated to organize the “2023 Automotive Parts, Information and Communication Technology, and Green Energy Industry Sales Mission to the Middle East and Turkey” from October 21 to November 2. The delegation visited four countries, including the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Turkey, successfully attracting 252 buyers and generating business opportunities worth 16.49 million US dollars.

A total of 20 Taiwanese companies participated in this event, spanning diverse industries such as building materials, hardware tools, machinery, LED lighting, automotive parts, information and communication equipment, consumer electronics, medical equipment, and more. This highlighted the competitiveness of Taiwan’s small and medium-sized enterprises.

Despite the tension in the Middle East due to the Israel-Palestine conflict, local buyers showed a high level of interest in Taiwanese companies. For instance, Arabic Modern Trading Company, a large building materials and hardware distributor in Saudi Arabia, mentioned that Taiwanese hand tools exhibit excellent quality and affordability, leading to the establishment of supply warehouses in several cities in Saudi Arabia. Similarly, the significant demand for automotive parts in the Saudi Arabian market prompted M.S. Halawani Co. Ltd, one of the top three automotive parts distributors, to engage with Taiwanese suppliers through the Riyadh Taiwan Trade Center, aiming to introduce high-quality Taiwanese products. In Jordan, Joeagle Company noted security vulnerabilities in the local banking system’s cyber services and expressed interest in exclusively representing Taiwanese manufacturers’ products.

Taiwanese companies in the delegation also expressed that, with the easing of the pandemic, there has been a substantial increase in market demand worldwide, making it worthwhile to explore business opportunities. Particularly, IP65-rated LED balloon lights and blowers received enthusiastic responses in the four Middle Eastern countries, with petroleum companies and major construction companies expressing strong interest, indicating promising future opportunities.

The strategic location of the Middle Eastern countries and Turkey, situated between Europe and Asia, along with their abundant natural resources and growing population, has created diverse consumer demands. As the economies of Middle Eastern countries gradually recover post-pandemic, they have become an essential market for Taiwanese businesses. In the future, there are plans to continue exploring sales opportunities in Gulf countries and Turkey, alongside organizing promotional events such as the Asia-West Business Opportunities Day, to further expand opportunities for Taiwanese industries.

Yuang Light with Taiwan External Trade Development Council middle east photographyYuang Light with Taiwan External Trade Development Council middle east photography

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