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Emergency evacuation of 300 Taipei residents after building tilt ensuring safety with emergency lighting

On the evening of September 7th, in the Zhongshan District of Taipei City, a residential building began to tilt, prompting the urgent evacuation of 197 households comprising 367people. Preliminary assessments suggest that the cause of this incident was related to excavation work carried out three stories below the construction site. However, the foundational construction was not properly executed, leading to the tilting of the residential building and significant cracks appearing on its walls.

Taipei City Mayor, Chiang Wan-an, mentioned that it appears to be an accident resulting from the excavation work causing a rupture in the retaining wall. The city government promptly dispatched water trucks and grouting vehicles to the scene to perform operations aimed at maintaining balance and preventing further tilting of the building.

The collapse zone continued to expand, with the flat road in the area turning into a slope during the evening and eventually collapsing into a large hole. Moreover, there were ongoing reports of loud collapses at the scene, which were quite alarming.

Due to the urgency of the emergency rescue situation, a temporary command center was set up at the scene. Firefighters quickly arrived and used balloon lights and emergency lighting for temporary illumination.

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