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Every part of a construction site shall be exposed to as much natural light as possible for being visible to ordinary people in order to perform work and move around on site safely. In places where natural light is insufficient or unavailable, providing good artificial lighting on construction sites will help workers have higher production efficiency.

The Importance of Sufficient at Buildings and Construction Sites

Construction and industrial sites are often environments for hazardous works, and therefore, workers require to be able to safely work on-site and operate equipment, especially during winter afternoons and evenings when days are shorter and visibility is lower, so as to ensure the works can be completed correctly and efficiently.

Potential hazards are often exposed on construction sites. Therefore, proper lighting would be critical for the safe movement of vehicles around the site, which can make workers and visitors move around on-site safely.

While there is no single type of lighting product for the lighting of buildings, there would be ideal lighting products for each type of working environment.

Conventional Light Tower

Light towers are versatile and can light up a wide range of areas, making them a common lighting application on construction sites. However, the installation location of the lamps is usually at buildings or fixed objects, so it would be relatively difficult to adjust the angle of the lamps.

High-mast Lamps

This product features a lamp pole up to 20-30 meters that supports a lamp ring usually composed of four to eight cold light lamps, which is suitable for large-area outdoor lighting. Aside from the high maintenance costs, one of the disadvantages of electric masts is their inability to bear heavy loads. Therefore, such kind of equipment would be costly when bearing heavier loads.

LED Inflatable balloon lighting towers

LED Inflatable balloon lighting towers combine the features of LED and the advantages of inflatable lights to bring optimal lighting to construction sites.

LED can reduce energy consumption by 60% to 90%. In addition to reusability, they can also operate around the clock, making them one of the best options for cost-effectively reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

Compared to conventional string lights which require additional installation and are difficult to store and reuse, while incandescent and CFL light bulbs require constant replacement, resulting in additional labor costs and waste of materials. On the contrary, LED lighting would be the most sustainable solution for companies.

Therefore, the efficacy of onsite lighting depends not only on the types of lamps, but also on the types of light bulbs/panels. With resilient and sufficient fixtures installed with LED light panels scattered throughout the construction site, it would be easier to meet OSHA international lighting standards. Yuang Light’s LED light panels of IP65, which is not only waterproof and dustproof, but also consume only one-third of the energy required for conventional lamps, and the brightness of one LED lamp would be equivalent to 2 to 3 conventional ones lamps while the service life can reach 50,000 hours, providing power-saving and high-efficiency energy output.

We use the IP65-rated fan produced by the over 60-year old well-established fan manufacture from Taiwan to blow and produce the lampshade out of a unique and full-inflated lamp without blind spots of lighting. In addition to rapid inflation, it can also effectively dissipate heat. Furthermore, the lampshade is made of polyester fiber with a special coating, which can expand the light source and reduce light resistance. In addition to being resistant to rain and flames in harsh climates, it can also withstand wind blow with speeds of up to 10 meters per second.

In addition to being mounted on aluminum tripods, the lamp can also be used with vehicles or trolleys.

Our LED inflatable balloon light towers are energy-saving, durable, easy to assemble and carry, waterproof and dustproof, of high functionality and good stability. They can be used in various harsh environments and climates in addition to road construction and outdoor entertainment. They are also indispensable for fire, disaster relief, rescue, and emergency temporary lighting in terms of providing the most immediate lighting solution.

Yuang Light’s mobile lights are often adopted in temporary lighting of building construction to provide direct lighting sources. When the light angle reaches 60 degrees, the straight-line irradiation distance of the light source can be up to 28 meters. With the current technology available, the maximum light angle can reach about 120 degrees with a straight-line irradiation distance of 21 meters.

In general, Yuang Light inflatable LED balloon light towers and mobile lights combine the features of LED lighting and light towers, have no glare and are of high efficiency, which can produce a strong light beam that light up a wide range of area.

How do Yuang Light products satisfy the requirements of on-site lighting?

All of Yuang Light’s lighting products are carefully designed to satisfy the needs of harsh environments onsite, including windproof, rainproof and flameproof for outdoor environments, and provide temporary lighting solutions for each and all construction and industrial lighting. Our products are all based on LED technology and offer higher performance in terms of lumen output and energy consumption compared to conventional metal halogen lamps or fluorescent lamps. LED lights are also able to operate and be reactivated normally with lower operating temperatures under colder environments.

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