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The Portable Inflatable Construction Light Tower that Meets all Your Needs

The Yuang Light series of portable construction lighting towers are designed to provide you with the widest range of choices for the right lighting solutions for your specific applications. Our flexible and customized lighting options can satisfy various construction applications, while solving difficult problems of efficiency and safety. You can rest assured since Yuang Light Construction Light Towers are recognized worldwide for their powerful performance and excellent technical and business teams.

It would be easy to learn about the advantages of Yuang Light LED portable construction lighting towers for various applications by enjoying bright and consistent lighting with extended product service life and lower operating costs resulting from the efficient power performance and energy-saving LED panels. You can contact us anytime to share information about how Yuang Light Portable LED Light Tower can help you make the most of your construction workspace.

Portable, easy to maintain and operate are the characteristics of the products, and they can also offer optimum brightness. Experience the convenience that our portable construction lighting products create for your construction site now.

Portable light tower with LED technology requiring only 4 steps to fully install the set within 1 minute

No matter in the working space or daily life, electricity is often wasted unknowingly, resulting in great energy loss. Yuang Light can solve the problem of energy waste for you! Our innovative and versatile LED design is a sign indicating that we are attaching great importance to energy-saving lighting, which can maximize the range of lighting. Yuang Light LED Portable Light Towers feature highly powerful LED elements designed for applications in construction and infrastructure to make the most efficient usage of each lumen generated. Our products can provide highly efficient and evenly distributed lighting, which greatly mitigates the risks of glare and unpredictable flickering while minimizing light pollution, making them ideal for urban environments, industrial sites and environmentally sensitive areas. A single 960W light tower can cover an area of up to 560m2 with an average brightness of 150 lumens per watt, allowing the premise to be brighter, safer and more efficient.

It is also a piece of cake when it comes to installing inflatable lights. All you need to do is to unfold the tripod and firmly fix the light on the stand. You can complete the installation with your bare hands without any annoying drilling, wire connectors and many other complicated tools. There are only four easy steps to complete the installation within 1 minute, and then you can enjoy the elegant lighting that brightly lights up the long dark nights.

  1. Put and stretch the tripod on flat ground, extend the telescopic tube to the required height, and confirm that it is firmly fixed
  2. Connect the hole of the LED lamp to the tripod
  3. Combine lampshades with LED inflatable light
  4. Connect the power supply

Ideal for Temporary Lighting

This portable LED inflatable light is highly durable, easy-to-carry and install, and is able to provide 24-hour uninterrupted sufficient lighting for medium- and large-scale working areas.

Our products can be powered by AC/DC power supply or diesel generators. Safety can be improved with 360-degree glare-free visibility. Ideal for lighting for infrastructure construction, roadside assistance, shops, boat docks, camping, workplaces, temporary needs, and backyard parties.

The products can provide up to 150 lumens/watt lighting output with 0-100% dimming capability via the switch knob for a built-in dimmer. It will take you less than one second to turn the whole premise from “dark” to “bright”. Moreover, the safety and stability of the portable LED inflatable construction light can be further assured with the light- or heavy-duty tripod or trolley.

Why Yuang Light Portable Inflatable Construction Light Tower?

We hold stringent international certifications including CE, PSE, RCM and ETL. Our goal is to provide consumers with the most outstanding light tower products.

Therefore, the Yuang Light portable inflatable construction light tower is especially suitable for sensitive sites where conventional lighting towers cannot be adopted. With zero hazardous waste output, waterproof, dustproof, and energy-saving features, our inflatable lights are highly suitable for sites requiring zero pollution. Likewise, our products are popular among the applications of infrastructure, fire maintenance and rescue industries, which are helpful for users to meet the increasingly stringent environmental regulations without affecting on-site efficiency.

Our portable LED light tower product portfolios include:

  1. IP65-rated LED lamps that can be freely selected and combined, which are powered by AC110V/220V or DC lithium batteries.
  2. Safe telescopic tripod or sturdy trolley, allowing a maximum height from the ground to be 5m.
  3. IP55-rated lampshade with various shapes.
  4. The lamps and telescopic tripod come with highly durable and acid- and alkaline-resistant polyester bag.

Key Features:

  1. The world’s most advanced high-brightness LED lighting. The IP65-rated LED light panel has a light efficacy of 150 lumens per watt and a service life of 50000 hours. High-brightness LED lights can meet the standards for lighting design of environmental protection, ESG sustainability, long service life, and high brightness.
  2. Built-in IP65-rated fan that blows to inflate the shade into the unique shape of a balloon with zero blind spots.
  3. IP55-rated waterproof and flameproof lampshade material allowing light source expansion and light resistance mitigation. The level of water and flame resistance of the whole series of products is above IP55.
  4. A wide range of applications. The product series include floodlights, inflatable lights, lighting trolley and hand-held working lights.
  5. We have passed the most stringent international certifications, and our international business coverage has covered Europe, Asia and Oceania. Now we will enter the exclusive market of distribution of LED portable light towers in America.

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