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At Yuang Light, we understand the importance of efficient and safe road construction lighting. Whether you’re a contractor or a local government agency, our expertise in portable LED light towers for sale and other lighting solutions can help you achieve your goals.

Road construction lighting is critical for ensuring the safety of workers and motorists alike. That’s why we’ve been at the forefront of road lighting since the beginning, developing and adopting innovative light sources and luminaires to consistently optimize energy use.

But we don’t just stop at road construction lighting. At Yuang Light, we offer a wide range of portable LED light towers and other lighting solutions to meet the specific needs of our customers. From construction sites to events and more, we have the expertise and products to help you achieve your lighting goals.

So don’t let poor lighting put a damper on your project. Contact us today to learn more about our portable LED light towers for sale and other lighting solutions, and let us help you light the way to success.


Forget conventional light towers that blind oncoming traffic and fatigue workers with eye strain.

Yuang Light’s patented technology produces an even, diffuse light that’s daylight quality. Better light = more productivity. Yuang Light, Brighten Up Your Night!

Better still, our lights are the most efficient in the business, saving you on equipment and fuel costs.

  • Available to hire or purchase
  • Diffuse, daylight-quality light (5000 K)
  • Glare-free light for less eye fatigue
  • More lumens = fewer lights needed, saving you $$$
  • Light towers, portable tripods and custom solutions available
  • Global distribution systems are helpful for keeping your information

As a globally trusted supplier of outdoor and indoor luminaires with integrated LED lighting solutions, we have decades of experience in road construction lighting development. We actively work to raise lighting standards and are uniquely placed to combine the latest light source technology with our specialist expertise in optical and luminaire design. Through delivering high performance and sustainable lighting we are able to meet international demands while exceeding the requirements of customers to become the preferred partner for cost-effective lighting solutions.

Choosing the right tower on the road construction depends on several factors, “Getting the right unit for the job is a good starting point,” other considerations beyond illuminating the area of work are important, such as stability, brightness level switching and IP protection, etc. Many different devices have similar amounts of light output between them while offering additional benefits for use in different applications and environments.

Ching Yuang innovates a series of outdoor lighting solution, called the Yuang Light. It diffuses lighting that looks like a floating balloon in the dark sky, and helps solve critical outdoor lighting issues. We cites the many benefits of this new design that provides a wide range of safe diffuse lighting. Yuang Light promise will continue to provide a real value add, offering competitive pricing and a robust product offering.

“Our 960-W LED balloon light represents the most compact, efficient, and luminous intensity solutions for lighting needs in construction repair, first response, aerospace service and emergency events. They wide coverage make them essential for large-scale infrastructure projects, like roadwork and construction projects. You can flip the toggle lever to the HALF switch. “With the Yuang Light, you also have dimmer switches; so you can dim them, but you don’t negate the properties. The luminosity drops to 1/2 the original brightness. From 145,000lm to 72,000lm. The other benefit is our light sources use less power and represent a lower amp draw, so user can use smaller generators, which mean less money to do the job when compared to using a metal halide tower unit.

For more demanding scenarios such as mining operations, which are often in harsh weather enviroments where there is no reliable power source, our balloon light tower and 4-lamp hybrid light tower can help workers get the job done. In the industrial operation site, overheating can cause serious engine damage and shouldn’t be ignored. The balloon on the top has fan-cooled mechanism with individual thermostat switch protection that can measuring the temperature emitted from the device in both electronic and mechanical versions you control.

The 360°glare free LED lighting products in compliance with a series of reference lighting standards relating to safety, international compliance and design of lighting systems and appliances to allow our products to be placed on the market.

Another innovation Yuang Light launched is the newly four 1,200-W LED lamps, the total output is 208,000 lumens. For comparison, a 100-W LED household unit delivers about 1,600 lumens. Making our 4-lamp hybrid tower 130 times more efficient than the 100-W LED. The unit can extend up to 1720 feet in height and has four round lighting receptacles for the 1,200-W lamp, powered by a generator or the battery. The trolley underpins the lamp, the 4-lamp hybrid light tower with the high-class trolley commonly used for oversea aerospace site and the road construction. The 4-lamp hybrid light tower comes fully assembled and its compact footprint allows for fully assembled units to be transported to a job. The current trend in lighting is moving away from the lay-down mast on towable units to a vertical mast perpendicular to the axle. This is newly available on the market in 2023. All of the LED balloon light tower and the 4- lamp hybrid light tower can be operated by diesel-driven generators. The 4-lamp hybrid light tower do save money in transportation and setup time, which makes it perfect for emergency and disaster relief, and also for road and bridge construction.

Why us? What are the benefits of having a light tower?

First, high efficiency– our LED light tower with150 lumen per watt output. Provide 360 degree glare-free lighting.
One led balloon light could replace traditional lightings and can cut down an overall cost. Having a consistent and reliable light source can keep your projects on time and on budget.
Second, Time saving – faster setup in 1 minute, easy carry and transport. No restrike time.
Third, Portability- Our led balloon light can use either commercial power or a portable generator attached to the cart. Super easy to transport wherever you go.
Last but not least, Safety – Fan in-built cools the lamp. The Omni light with glare free lighting avoid people shading their eyes. Having light towers on road construction sites has both health and safety benefits.
Not only see what you’re doing but what others around you are doing is incredibly important.

We invite you to do take a close look at your lights upon receipt.
We always love the reactions by our customers when they receive their lights. Check the light fixture system inside, check the cable quality, check the main body and what the base is made of.
You will find we have extraordinary technical design and we use only top notch parts and materials.
All these made by Yuang Light.
Yuang Light, Brighen up Your Night!

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