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YUANG LIGHT氣球燈為施工時的冰冷路面帶來最明亮溫和的燈光。

“Smooth road surfaces” have always been a safety concern of society. have been used as public road for a period of ten years. For this reason, after taking up his mayoral office, Mayor Chiang wan-an led the city government team on 1/8 to resolve the low-quality road surface problem by actively implementing the road smoothing project and establishing a complete road excavation management mechanism to fulfill the smooth road surface demand of citizens.

When you need the best lighting for construction sites, Yuang Light industrial outside light is always the best choice. Diffuse light that’s daylight quality and directed exactly where you need it. Yuang Light inflatable light tower can help keep workers safe and pedestrian comfortable.

Better light = more productivity.

LED 氣球燈 | 移動式投射照明

Mini LED Balloon Light
Mini LED Balloon Light